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ICoME is a multi-national annual conference offering researchers, faculty, and graduate students a platform to share their work, collaborate, and network. Conducted in English, the conference fosters communication and connection among participants from diverse cultures, providing them with an opportunity to apply and enhance their cross-cultural communication skills.

What’s New

2024.7.5 The paper submission has been extended to July 14th

Web page about ICoME2024 is now available. Please check back as we will gradually update the information.

2024.5.13 Paper or Abstract Submission is open until June 30th, 2024, Japan Standard Time

Web page about ICoME2024 is now available. Please check back as we will gradually update the information.

2024.5.1 Abstract Proposal Submission has extended to May 12 2024, Japan Standard Time

Web page about ICoME2024 is now available. Please check back as we will gradually update the information.

2024.5.1 Open Workshop Details

Web page about ICoME2024 is updated!


Makiko, KISHI. Ph.D.

The Chair of ICoME 2024 Executive Committee

School of Global Japanese Studies,
Meiji University, JAPAN

Greetings! My name is Mikiko Kishi, and I have the honor of serving as the Chair of the International Research Committee for the Japan Society of Media in Education. I am delighted to invite you to the 2024 International Conference on Media in Education (ICoME 2024), which will take place at the Nakano Campus of Meiji University in Tokyo, Japan. Nakano City is renowned as a hub of Japanese subcultures, drawing visitors from all corners of the globe who are passionate about arts and subcultures. Additionally, it is a city that boasts a diverse culinary scene with cuisine from around the world. With its unique features, Nakano provides the ideal venue for ICoME 2024.

The upcoming ICoME 2024 conference will center around the theme of “Performative Approach to Media Studies in Education ”. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in Japanese educational media studies on incorporating the arts into STEAM education and utilizing thinking tools and visual arts to showcase learners’ unique qualities and diversity. Additionally, an increasing number of researchers use performative approaches such as visual ethnography and graphics for data collection. There is also a push to disseminate research findings through mediums beyond traditional papers, such as comic books and board games.

This trend in the social sciences is focused on a Performative Approach, which is gaining global traction as a research methodology. This research methodology utilizes theatrical techniques and visual arts, presenting results in formats such as comic books, and incorporating audiovisual media, including photovoice. This movement focuses on embracing creative arts thinking as a cross-disciplinary approach to constructing knowledge within the research context.

ICoME 2024 extends a warm welcome to conventional forms of educational media research, as well as innovative and engaging approaches. We cordially invite STEAM education, workshops, and artistic techniques such as theater, photography, video, cartooning, and more, encouraging research methods incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as metaverse, VR/AR, etc. Our presentation formats are open to diverse options beyond traditional presentations with slides.

We look forward to receiving submissions that showcase innovative perspectives and approaches to educational media research.

The Theme of ICoME2024

Performative Approach to Media Studies in Education

The theme of ICoME 2024 is”Performative Approach to Media Studies in Education”. We invite presentations on a wide range of research in educational media studies, as well as on topics strictly related to the Performative approach. In addition to presentations by researchers and students from various countries, there will also be keynotes and workshops. To register, please refer to the registration page.


These sessions feature presentations by researchers. Presenters should share specific research outcomes, developments, or applications. Presentations that include slides and follow performative methods fit within this category.

Round table

Round table sessions are presentations by graduate and undergraduate students. Discussions are held in small groups formed around similar topics. Young Scholarshop awards are given for outstanding research. 


These encompass keynote speeches by Dr. Lois Holzman, USA, panel discussions about the conference topic, and representative talks from Korea, China, USA and Japan centered around the conference’s theme.


Similar to Round Table Sessions, these workshops offer hands-on experiences, utilizing ICT and educational practices and incorporating art as an educational medium. It is also intended to lead to international collaborative research.

Japan Association for Educational Media Study

Website: https://jaems.jp/icome/

Contact:ICoME2024, Board Committee 

Email: contact@icome.education