Day 1st- August 22, 2024

Keynote Speech


Performative Approach for Development in Education (tentative)

Dr.Lois Holzman
Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology

Dr. Lois Holzman is a cofounder with Fred Newman of the East Side Institute for Group and Short-Term Psychotherapy and the Institute’s current director. She is a leading proponent of cultural approaches to learning, development, and psychotherapy.

About Dr.Lois holzman

Co-founder and Director,

East Side Institute for Group and Short-Term Psychotherapy, New York, NY

Chair & Chief Organizer,

Performing the World bi-annual conferences

Series Editor, Studies in Play, Performance, Learning and Development,

Publication of Lois Holzman

Dr. Lois Holzman has published many books.
Among them, we would like to introduce six books that are particularly relevant to this theme.
(Several of her books have been translated into Japanese)